The legal domicile

Are you thinking of starting your new business in Milan or leaving to only the registered office?

Are you a professional and you want to indicate to the competent our address as the site of the study?

If you need an office center on time and organized choose the Milan Business Center, which offers the service of legal domicile or professional for your needs.
We are close to Central Station and easily accessible by all public transport, and if your client you should ask for an appointment, the Milan Business Center offers you the opportunity to rent offices and meeting rooms also for hours!

We offer:

  • Use the address of the Milan Business Center and place it on the corporate documents and transcribed the Chamber of Commerce;
  • Use the address of the Milan Business Center to be indicated to the competent professional;
  • Company logo exhibited at ‘entrance to the building;
  • Withdrawal of correspondence, including notifications, and registration of the same in a report sent regularly via email. Based on customer requests, we scan the sealed envelopes or the contents of the same.
Call us now at 02.67739739 or contact us via the form on the right.